1. Do you hate America? If so, why don’t you leave?

For the record let me say that I don’t hate America but rather I hate it’s unequal and oppressive practices when dealing with it’s citizenry and the citizenry of people abroad. And though I love us and have no desire to live elsewhere, understand that there is no utopia, and concerned citizens will point out problems and strive for improvements wherever they live. Running away from these problems will not solve them. Additionally, if they were to leave this country, the problems inherent to the U.S. (especially militarism and corporate exploitation) would often affect them more if they lived elsewhere.

Also, racism has and continues to be a huge obstacle in the way of progress for many people of color here, so I speak on it. Things simply have to change for the better of everyone – that’s why I do my part to try to counteract measures that have been put in place to systematically thwart our growth as a people. And for the record, no, I don’t support terrorists (U.S. or otherwise) or terrorism, and, no, I’m not calling for violence to be inflicted on anyone. Remember, freedom of speech to voice dissent at injustice is NOT a privilege, but a right afforded to us here. To not excercise that right when faced with injustice and oppression is unpatriotic – not the other way around.

2. Do you hate white people?

I don’t hate anybody. I love people the way they love me. If you respect me, I’ll respect you. It’s as simple as that. It’s too bad that black people who are concerned with the improvement of the black condition are often viewed as being anti-white.

3. Why did you choose the name PARIS?

I have chosen the name Paris because the focused, revolutionary anger reflected in my music is more often than not a direct result of the effects of America’s oppressive European white-supremacist ideals. It’s a way of saying that I represent the Hate That Hate Made.

4. Are you in the Nation of Islam, the Black Panther party or any other organization? Why don’t you do speaking engagements?

Although those are my brothers, I am not formally affiliated with any group. I am, however, supportive of the efforts of any person or organization attempting to bring about positive change. I don’t do speaking engagements or public appearances. I know that everybody has a role to play in making a difference, and that I am at my best when reaching people through music and print. There are many, many more public speakers out there who are more effective than I am, so I let them carry that torch.

5. Are you partisan? Why do you seem to attack Republicans more?

I am not partisan but I am aware that there exists a higher level of intolerance within the Republican party. I am also aware that their policies and Supreme Court nomination implications are more dangerous to everyone other than wealthy white men and corporate interests when they exert majority control. There are those who will differ with me, but the Repubs really are the greater of the two evils. Understand that I acknowledge other parties as well and recognize the fact that Democrats are far from being guilt-free.

6. Where are you from? I heard you are from Chicago?

I’m born in raised in San Francisco, CA and have lived several places in the Bay Area. I’ve only visited Chicago.

7. Did you do time in jail?


9. How do you feel about digital file sharing?

Filing sharing is here to stay, regardless of how I feel about it. Of course I want to be compensated for what I do, but at the same time I realize that the internet can be used to reach people I may not have contact with otherwise. As an artist that wants to be heard, I think the process has potential – but only if the quality can be somehow made to be consistent. There are many different rates at which to encode MP3s, and sadly, most of them sound terrible when compared to the source material they originate from. This is why I post .wavs on my site in each album’s track list instead. Understand that it is impossible to share quality files if you have dial-up access because the better quality the file, the larger the file (it takes too long). Invest in DSL or cable access if you really want to get the best of what the web has to offer.

Since there is currently a glut of shitty music that the industry is trying to force-feed people, I believe it is now more necessary than ever for artists to endear ourselves to the listening audience by giving our best and showing appreciation for those who support us. The problem is that most artists and labels have taken music lovers for granted for far too long – offering poor-quality projects – and treating listener’s concerns with indifference. Hopefully people will dig this site and support it, and realize that what I do is a labor of love that benefits everyone.

10. Are you accepting new material, and are you going to put out other acts?

Anything’s possible in the future, but this is a new venture, so I have to see how this is received first. Understand, however, that if I do I’ll only invest in artists who contribute something positive in their material.

Thanks to all!